S&S 93" Knucklehead (ALT/GEN)

S&S 93" Knucklehead (ALT/GEN)

  • 9,87995 MSRP

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Alternator/generator style KN-Series engines are very close in appearance to a stock knucklehead engine, but offer a number of modern features for more power, better engine life, and improved reliability.

Aside from the much larger 93 inch displacement, the main improvement in design is the 1958-1965 style flywheel assembly, which uses a splined sprocket shaft and Timken® sprocket shaft bearing, this necessitates the use of a 1955-1964 style inner tin primary cover and primary chain sprocket. S&S Vintage rocker arm cover tins are another modern improvement.

The KN93 is a standard compression 93 engine and is available with authentic generator style crankcases for early style chassis, primary and transmissions, and with alternator/generator style cases for use with 1970 and later primary covers and late style transmissions.

Features and benefits include:

  • Natural crankcases and black powder coated cylinders and heads
  • S&S Super E carburetor
  • S&S valve train – solid lifters
  • S&S Super Stock single fire ignition system and polished billet timer
  • Alternator and alternator/generator models have correct sprocket length sprocket shaft for 1970-Up primary and transmission
  • Alternator/generator engines include oil filter mount for generator location
  • One year warranty
  • Fits 1970-1999 Harley-Davidson® custom chassis
  • Alternator/generator cases have 1948-1999 style front motor mount
  • Will not fit stock knuckle frames
  • Comes completely assembled and ready to run.
  • S&S Part Number 106-2560

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