Biltwell Solo Seat - Tuck n' Roll

  • 8995
  • $ 11995

Functional, comfortable styling cues include a narrow profile, a short, supportive nose, gently sloping sides and a subtle rear kick to keep you from sliding off your ride. The pan is stamped from heavy gauge high-tensile steel and features ribs and indents for added rigidity and stiffness. The four threaded mounting bosses are TIG welded into position and the entire seat pan is black electroplate for beauty and weatherproofing. The foam inside our upholstered solo seats is custom-molded, medium-density polyurethane padding—not a shapeless wedge of open-cell foam. What’s the difference? Ask your junk that question after a 150-mile ride. Our molded foam will hold its shape long after the cheap padding inside most solo seats has compressed into oblivion.

- Black
- Straight Pattern
- Heavy Duty Steel Base
- High-Quality Polyurethane Padding

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