Shorty Exhaust

  • 1,28000

We are only able to sell this within the US and NOT to international, due to other Countries customs issues. 

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Our Shorty Exhaust is based off of the Iron Man bike that was featured in Iron Man's garage in Iron Man I & II. This exhaust is just about as loud as it gets. The pipe is slowly tapered from the engine to the exhaust tip and makes the rumble just brutal. Mounts are simple- The exhaust mounts to the engine at the exhaust port and the bottom of the crankcase, making installation on a variety of frames and custom builds super simple as the mounts only attach to the engine. Comes in Chrome and Black and is made in Japan. Simply the highest quality short exhaust you've ever seen.

- Super Short Design
- Comes in Chrome or Black
- Mounts only to engine, not frame
- Easy installation
- 22" Wide x 16" Tall
- Designed for S&S® Engine with Type-5 & 6 Frames Only

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