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This is "Bare Bone Frame Only", so it requires welding in order to build. What you see in the pictures is what comes with the kit. This is it for bike builder if they want to build something unique, and "rideable" custom bobber/chopper.

ZERO Engineering Softail Gooseneck Frame includes the followings:


  • Frame - Unpainted
  • Suspension
  • Linkage System
  • VIN Plate
  • Adjuster Chain Bolt and Collar
  • Frame MSO
This Frame Does Not come with the followings:
  • No Seat Mount Bung
  • No Rear Tank Mount
  • No Foot Peg Mount


ZERO Engineering Softail Gooseneck Frame are made in Japan and specifically made for ZERO Engineering Type 9 production bikes has been pursuing "rideability" and "durability". R&D of ZERO Engineering had repeatedly tried various trial and error in order to give the flexibility. 

Motorcycle frames in general are built by using seam welded pipes, but ZERO Engineering frames are built by 4 different diameter pipes comprised of  seamless by carbon steel. While balancing sturdiness and flexibility, also keeping high durability.      

Although using high quality pipe, welded areas become hardened, so one of the example of down tube on our frame has a long pipe as possible from stem head to rear axle.     

Also, instead of having a straight seat post, using S-Bent seat post in order to give stability and persistency even it's cost more. Another characteristic is "Gooseneck". Orthodox technique of chopper production is the gooseneck which pushes out the head pipe forward and curving upper end of the down tube to enhance "low & long".

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